Clipboard is your essential tool for success.

For clever convenience to create career or business growth, Clipboard promotes solution-centric connections in the hospitality sector.

The centralised hub enables all aspects of social and business communication, as well as providing needed tools for businesses, trade and staff.

  • Post dynamic job ads to target your ideal employees.

  • Build your professional brand and showcase yourself in a unique and engaging way to promote oneself.

  • It’s the fresh, new way to manage connections, communications and career opportunities in one streamlined central hub.

  • Staff placement, social media sharing, staff management and so much more…

Become a Clipboard user

Clipboard’s approach to hospitality industry careers and business growth makes the most of communication, the way we communicate today – immediate, direct and fun.

Connecting and communicating with Clipboard is easy, effective and efficient.

Our user-friendly digital platform is the perfect way to communicate – letting you clip and connect to post jobs and build impressive profiles to capture the attention of your ideal connections.

Clipboard will change the way you connect and communicate in the hospitality world.

Clipboard- Great for Business

At Clipboard, our focus is connecting people within the hospitality industry. Clipboard connects business owners with new staff as well as team members with co-workers, and even suppliers with businesses.

Connections are key.

Whether your business is launching or growing even bigger than before, Clipboard’s technology makes business management efficient. With Clipboard, you can streamline all aspects of your business in one comprehensive, user-friendly platform.

Our innovative platform looks after the 3 main areas of the hospitality sector, including:

  • Staff placement by posting dynamic job ads

  • Centralize communications by our two way messenger platform

  • Business management tools and integration with other platforms